With 7 spiritual and high-energy teachings, create the life you dream of.

This MasterClass is for anyone wishing to change, improve or even expand their life.

You will exchange a passive existence for a life shaped by your deepest desires.

Do you want to take back control of your life, become the creator of your life ?

You have heard of the law of attraction, based on the belief in a direct link between your thoughts and reality. This conviction is both recent (positive thinking) and very ancient: we find these basic principles in numerous religious and philosophical traditions (notion of Karma, the words of Buddha…).

However, the law of attraction may also disappoint and fail to live up to expectations, as it is not sufficiently understood and too often misinterpreted! Indeed, its basis is both extremely simple and at the same time very subtle, as few people have understood the fundamental role of emotions… (or the preponderant role of the emotional system). This is undoubtedly the difference between this and other teachings.

How do you practise the law of attraction and make it work ?

This MasterClass will give you the secrets to using this law:

✔Real keys that are effective and simple to use in everyday life for fast and tangible results

✔Spiritual and mind-body teachings to get out of your old way of thinking

✔Practical exercises


This MasterClass has been designed to consciously and joyfully create the Life you want !

Discover the 7 spiritual and high-energy teachings to create the life you dream of.

7 spiritual and high-energy teachings to fully develop your creative powers

You will be able to:

✅ Improve your daily life
✅ Gain confidence
✅ Achieve your objectives
✅ Overcome your fears
✅ Change paradigms
✅ Raise your vibration frequency
✅ Turn your desires into reality

7 videos

You will have access to 7 videos lasting 2 hours 30 minutes, guided by Sylvie Liger.

Worksheets (pdf)

You’ll be able to download the worksheets (pdf) created by Sylvie Liger.

An audioguide

You’ll have an audio guide, allowing you to follow each module with just the voice of Sylvie Liger.

An ebook

You’ll get the Masterclass's ebook.

Your MasterClass in stages:

Stage 1 : The law of attraction

You will learn to understand the law of attraction and its creative power.

You will be led towards adopting a new paradigm, to break free from your limiting beliefs.

A first exercise, called the Wheel of Life, will project onto a freeze frame of your world.

Stage 2 : Emotional and energy housekeeping

You will understand how consciousness can change your reality.

You will discover your emotional inventory.

You will perform an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) exercise, allowing release from the grip of emotions.

Stage 3 :  Raising your consciousness

You will be able to forgive yourself and glimpse ultimate liberation.

An exercise will help you find the path to inner peace.

You will understand the law of attraction through the notion of choice and importance.

You will obtain the keys to manifestation through the notion of importance, values and energy.

Stage 4 : The creative power of love

You will be able to develop your feeling of love.

You will obtain powers of manifestation in discovering the power of the present moment.

You will be able to attract abundance through the flow of love.

Stage 5 : Raise your vibrational frequency

You will be able to raise your vibrational frequency in order to feel better, through exercises involving two fundamental emotions:



Stage 6 : Choosing your reality

You will be able to answer the question: what do you really want ?

You will call upon your unconscious mind.

You will have the elements to build your Visualisation Table in order to manifest your dreams.

Stage 7 : Abundance and manifesting money

You will make energy connections with abundance.

You will be capable of attracting money, thanks to your change in outlook, the concept of a destination and focusing energy.

Real keys, spiritual and mind-body teachings

Those who already know the fundamentals of this "philosophy" will be sure to find in-depth explanations in this teaching!


Sylvie Liger

Sylvie Liger

Coach therapist and trainer in holistic coaching, specialist on the law of attraction.

✔Certified professional coach, trained in the tools of EFT energy psychology

✔Holistic coach trainer

✔Author of the book La loi d’attraction. Rien de magique, le magicien c’est vous ! (The Law of Attraction. It’s not magic, the magician is you!)"


"This teaching is in itself a "therapy" helping you enter a state of pure consciousness that will bring to light your power of creativity at all levels of your life… (your interpersonal relationships, your self-confidence, the transformation of your thoughts, your vision of abundance, etc.) I loved: the exercises to try out. A mine of information and practical keys to apply in your life…"

 - Anne

"We should give it as a gift to everyone we love and want to help! Mankind would understand life differently, and each individual, through his/her own positive vision, would contribute to raising universal positiveness."

 - Isabelle

"If you know nothing about the law of attraction, you will have it all! Simple and effective. Having read books on the subject, I can say that this MasterClass gets straight to the point and is accessible. I highly recommend it. To be followed without moderation." 

 - Linda

Exclusive Masterclass

At your own pace
Access: 24/7

Accessible via any computer, tablet or smartphone

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied, you can request your refund by phone call within 10 days (excluding Pack with a physical book and payments in installments).

Why choose this MasterClass ?

The law of attraction is accessible to all.

Sylvie Liger brings the law of attraction within everyone’s reach.

You will have access to a MasterClass containing explanations and concrete exercises to make the law of attraction work.

You will have examples from the coach’s real-life experience.

Sylvie Liger is THE specialist on the law of attraction.

Sylvie Liger, author and authority on the subject, and holistic coach who has helped dozens of entrepreneurs get their business off the ground, tells us how it works.

Masterclass the law of attraction

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✅ Improve your daily life
✅ Gain confidence
✅ Achieve your objectives
✅ Overcome your fears
✅ Change paradigms
✅ Raise your vibration frequency
✅ Turn your desires into reality